630A, 24kV-36kV Shielded Fore-Connector with Cable Adapter and Jacket Seal
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630A, 24kV-36kV Shielded Fore-Connector with Cable Adapter and Jacket Seal

The KQT-24/630-J shielded fore-connector is a shielded and insulated termination. It has a rated current of 630A and can be connected to underground cables with conductor cross sections ranging from 35 to 400mm2. This fore-connector is manufactured in strict compliance with the DIN 47636 standard. It can be used to connect underground cable to switchgear, RMU, deadbreak bushings, etc. Our shielded fore-connector is designed for use on solid dielectric cables such as XLPE and EPR. It can link with sub-connectors to provide more cable branch circuits. The built-in test point allows a hot line voltage indicator to be connected. Moreover, this model can be mated with KBLQ-17/45 surge arrester for over-voltage protection.

Cable Insulation Range use for Part Number
CEE KQT-24/630 CEE KHT-24/630
CEE KQT-24/630-J
CEE KHT-24/630-J
Cable Adapter Code Cable Insulation Range
Inches mm
A 0.37-0.47 9.5-12.0
B 0.45-0.55 11.5-14.0
C 0.53-0.65 13.5-16.5
D 0.61-0.73 15.5-18.5
E 0.71-0.83 18.0-21.0
F 0.79-0.91 20.0-23.0
G 0.87-0.98 22.0-25.0
H 0.95-1.06 24.0-27.0
I 1.02-1.18 26.0-30.0
J 1.10-1.26 28.0-32.0
K 1.22-1.34 31.0-34.0
L 1.30-1.42 33.0-36.0
M 1.38-1.54 35.0-39.0

Technical specification

Voltage Ratings and Characteristics
Voltage Class 24kV 36kV
Max. Phase-to-ground 12kV 18kV
BIL Impulse Withstand 125kV 170kV
AC 5 Minutes Withstand 54kV 81kV
DC 15 Minutes Withstand 48kV 72kV
Partial Discharge ≤10pc@20kV ≤10pc@30kV
Current Ratings and Characteristics
Continuous 250A 630A


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As a China 630A, 24kV -36kV shielded fore-connector with cable adaptor and jacket seal manufacturer, CEE provides a comprehensive range of medium voltage power distribution equipment, including bushing surge arrester, cold shrink indoor termination, overhead short circuit fault indicator, to name a few. Our company has received the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, and our products have been CCC certified. We are located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, which provides us with easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation.