200A, 15kV Bushing
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200A, 15kV Bushing

The CEE TGZ-15/200 bushing welll meets the full requirements of standard GB/T1409. It is designed for the termination of primary winding leads at the front plate of fluid-filled apparatus rated at 8.3/14.4kV. The bushing well is widely used in the high-voltage circuit of the pad-mounted, submersible transformer, switchgears, etc. The Bushing Well is molded using high quality insulating material, when mated with comparable rated products; it provides a fully shielded insulating connection. A loadbreak bushing insert threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral loadbreak bushing. The knurled cooper stud with rolled threads provides excellent conductivity.

Description Base Part No. Interface Size
15kV, 200A Bushing Well CEE TGZ-15/200 IEEE 386-2006 Figure3
15kV, 200A Lengthened Bushing Well CEE TGZB-15/200 IEEE 386-2006 Figure3
15kV, 200A Integral Loadbreak Bushing CEE YTGZA-15/200 IEEE 386-2006 Figure5
15kV, 200A Lengthened Integral Loadbreak Bushing CEE YTGZB-15/200 IEEE 386-2006 Figure5
10kV, 24kV 250A Integral Deadbreak Bushing CEE YTGZA-10/250
CEE YTGZA-24/250
Interface A
10kV, 24kV 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing(GIS) CEE YJSYC-10/630
CEE YJSYC -24/630
Interface C
10kV, 24kV 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing with Flange(GIS) CEE YJSYCF-10/630
Interface C
10kV, 24kV 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing with test point CEE YTGZBC-10/630
CEE YTGZBC -24/630
Interface C
10kV, 24kV 630A Two Side Bushing CEE CQTG-10/630 Interface C
36kV, 630ATwo Side Bushing CEE CQTG-24/630 Interface C
36kV, 630A Integral Loadbreak Bushing CEE CQTG-36/630
36kV, 630A Integral Deadbreak Bushing CEE YTGZD-35/630 IEEE 386-2006 Figure13

Technical Specifications

200A Separable Connector Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Rating 15kV 25kV 35kV
Standard Voltage Class 15 25 35
Max. Rating Phase-to-Phase 14.4 26.3 36.6
Max. Rating Phase-to-Ground 8.3 15.2 21.1
AC 60/50Hz 1Minute Withstand 34 40 50
DC 15 Minute Withstand 53 78 103
BIL and Full Wave Crest 95 125 150
Minute Partial Discharge 11 19 26
Current Ratings 15kV 25kV 35kV
Continuous 200A 200A 200A
Switching 10 operations at 200A, 14.4kV 10 operations at 200A, 26.3kV 10 operations at 200A, 36.6kV
Fault Closure 10kA 10kA 10kA
Short Time 10kA rms sym. for 0.17s (60Hz)/0.2s(50Hz) 10kA rms sym. for 0.17s (60Hz)/0.2s(50Hz) 10kA rms sym. for 0.17s (60Hz)/0.2s(50Hz)
3.5kA rms sym. for 3.0s 3.5kA rms sym. for 3.0s 3.5kA rms sym. for 3.0s

Epoxide resin

Each bushing has an individual box.

Other Products

As a China bushing manufacturer, CEE provides a comprehensive range of medium voltage power distribution equipment, including bushing surge arrester, separable connector, overhead short circuit fault indicator, to name a few. Our company has received the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, and our products have been CCC certified. We are located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, which provides us with easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation.