ELE 12-24kV SF6 Ring Main Unit

Product feature

Fully Insulated and Sealed Design
ELE series switchgear contains a stainless steel tank filled with SF6 gas, in which the primary live parts, the busbar and switch contacts are kept. The bushing interface design is via standardized outer cone bushings to EN 50180/50181 (DIN 47636), which connect the cables via insulated and shielded separable connectors. The ingress protection rating of the gas tank can reach IP67. Outside part of gas tank can resist short-time flood and dewdrop because of special design and surface process.

Standard Modularize Design
Basic units include loadbreak switch unit (module C and N), loadbreak switch-fuse combination unit (module T), circuit breaker unit (module V and V0), busbar switch unit (module S, D, VS, VD), metering unit (module M), busbar PT unit (module P), cable feeder unit (module B), Z unit, ZD unit etc…Different modules can be combined and assembled in one SF6 insulated tank.

Flexible Extensible Design
ELE-F series are un-extensible switchgear, combined by basic units in one tank. ELE-E series flexible extensible units provide the user with diversified solutions, for which different tank was connected electrically on the top by busbar connector.

Unique and Economic Solution for Power Cable Connection
ELE series switch configuration scheme have outlet bushings on both sides. It provides unique and economic solution for multi-cable branching and sectionalizing system.

Service Conditions
1. Altitude: Not more than 4000m.(If altitude exceed 1000m, please point out, so that pressure can be adjusted when manufacture.)
2. Ambient temperature: +50℃ for maximum, -40℃ for minimum, no more than 35℃ for average ambient temperature within 24hrs.
3. Ambient humidity: no more than 95% for average relative humidity within 24hrs, no more than 90% for average relative humidity within one moneh.
4. Installation condition: No explosive or corrosive gas in the ambient air; no shock and vibration at the field; pollution grade is not more than III grade defined in standard GB/T 5582.
5. Acceleration of the earthquake: less than 0.3g in the horizontal direction, less than 0.15g in the vertical direction.

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Because SF6-insulated ring main unit is maintenance-free, compact and independent of altitude, dewdrop, contaminant, small animals and chemical substance etc., it is widely used at many power-supplied systems, which has high level of reliability such as commercial center, industrial zone, airports and speedways. SF6-insulated ring main unit can not only be used indoors or outdoor separately, but also integrated with high voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation. ELE series SF6-insulated ring main unit wholly brought in advanced facilities and manufacture technology, and all our products are localized made in China. The competitive costs and prompt lead-time won good reputation in the market worldwide.

Technical specification

Item Unit C Unit F Unit V Unit
Rated voltage kV 12/24 12/24 12/24
Rated frequency Hz 50 50 50
Rated current A 630 Depending on the current rating of the fuse. 630
Rated insulated level 1min. power frequency withstand voltage (To earth & between phase) 1min. power frequency withstand voltage(Across the isolating distance) 1min. power frequency withstand voltage(Auxiliary and control circuits) Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(To earth & between phases) Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(Across the isolating distance) kV 42/65 48/79 2/2 75/125 85/145 42/65 48/79 2/2 75/125 85/145 42/65 48/79 2/2 75/125 85/145
Rated Short-time withstand current(r.m.s) kA 25/3s/20/3s - 25/2S/20/4s
Rated peak withstand current kA 63/50 - 63
Rated short-circuit making current(peak) kA 63/50 Restricted by fuse 50
Rated short-circuit breaking current kA - Restricted by fuse 20/20
Rated transfer current A - 17500/1400 -
Rated load-break current A 630 - -
Rated closed-loop breaking current A 630 - 630
Mechanical operation Loadbreak switch/circuit breaker Disconnector/Earthing switch time 5000 2000 5000 2000 10000 2000
Resistance of the main circuit μΩ ≤120 - ≤120
Pressure of compressed gas Rated pressure of compressed gas(absolute pressure) Min. pressure of compressed gas(absolute pressure) bar 1.3 1.2 1.3 1.2 1.3 1.2
Annual relative leakage rate of SF6gas % ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05

Other Products

As a China ring main unit manufacturer, CEE provides a comprehensive range of medium voltage power distribution equipment, including bushing surge arrester, separable connector, overhead short circuit fault indicator, to name a few. Our company has received the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, and our products have been CCC certified. We are located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, which provides us with easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation.