Fujian CEE Installations is a listed company with a stock code of 300062. Our company is primarily focused on the research, manufacturing, and production of high and low voltage electrical equipment, cable accessories, and other related products. In 2009, our operating income reached RMB 187 million with a net profit of about RMB 43.18 million. Our business has grown quickly due to the trend that more and more overhead power lines are being replaced by underground cable systems for urban and rural power grid renovation.

With years of experience in the development and manufacturing of the separable connector, cold-shrinkable cable accessory, ring main unit and switchgear, indicator, SMC cabinet, and other electrical equipment, CEE provides worldwide customers with state of the art electrical products, particularly for underground cable distribution systems up to 132kV.

At CEE, we aim to provide innovative products, first-class services, and cost saving project solutions for commercial, industrial, and electrical utilities. All production processes are carried out in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Our cable accessories have passed the KEMA test and are LAPEM and CCC certified.

Through continuous innovation and dedication, CEE has developed into a highly respected international participant in the field of electrical power distribution systems. In order to serve more people, we look forward to expanding our program in the worldwide market. Please contact us if you have any need for our power distribution equipment.

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